The Creahlands MOOC has been launched in the UDC MOOC platform

Course Description

The MOOC Creative Management of Heritage and Rural Landscape offers a learning training to address the development of the needed competencies to meet the challenge of creative management of the heritage and cultural landscape in rural areas in the medium and long term. It aims to train participants in rural cultural management and dynamization in transversal, participatory, and innovative ways, starting from the recognition of the strategic value of rural heritage in achieving more cohesive and integrated territories, with greater social participation.

Course structure

The course is structured into four learning modules plus an initial module for the introduction and a final one devoted to assessment. Inside each module participants will have access to a series of lessons with some common materials such as explanatory videos along with supporting textual resources and accompanying activities that were created to improve and extend the learning process. Participants will need approximately a total of 20 hours of learning or 5 weeks to complete the course.

  • Module 0. Introduction
  • Module 1. Culture as a strategic resource for the socio-economic dynamization of the rural territory
  • Module 2. Cultural management in rural territories
  • Module 3. Innovative and creative solutions for rural diversification through cultural heritage
  • Module 4. Planning and management of the rural landscape as cultural heritage
  • Module 5. Final Evaluation and Bank of Open Access Resources

Who is this course for?

The course addresses the following target groups:

  • Tourism and heritage technicians and managers
  • Facilitators and socio-cultural monitors
  • Experts and professionals linked to local development, cultural tourism and heritage
  • Students and professionals in need of recycling towards new types/segments of tourism
  • Young people, entrepreneurs, inhabitants of rural areas in general
  • Graduates in Landscape and Art History
  • Other groups interested in the subject of the course

Any working experience or previous knowledge in the sector/field will be helpful, but is not compulsory.

What will you achieve?

The course addresses the needs of the professionals and students or graduates who want to learn how to face a creative management of heritage and rural landscapes. The introduction of heritage and rural landscapes into the education, training of experts and technicians and raising awareness of the population and public participation in relation to the collective values of the territory and cultural heritage, represents an opportunity for better management of the territory.

On the successful completion of the course, participants shall develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Knowing about cultural heritage and rural landscapes, and their heritage values for local development
  • Learning about the importance of rural heritage and landscapes for socioeconomic and sustainable development
  • Getting insight into the transformative power of art in the rural context
  • Being familiar with data collection strategies in rural areas
  • Gaining understanding of the basis of the participation theory and processes
  • Learning the basics competencies for the design, management, and evaluation of cultural projects in the rural context
  • Being familiar with the Leader Program and the Local Actions Groups for rural development
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial approach for rural heritage and landscape
  • Understanding the principles and values of Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Knowing how to turn rural areas into creative laboratories based on the potential of their cultural heritage
  • Developing basic skills for communication of cultural heritage
  • Learning about the importance of project management and planning in rural areas, strategies and methodologies
  • Gaining the ability to find funding for project implementation
  • Learning from examples of best/good practices in rural Europe

How to earn the Certificate of Creahlands MOOC?

A Participation Diploma will obtained by passing 25% of the evaluative activities of the course. If you succeed in the completion of at least the 80% of both learning material and of compulsory activities, you will be able to achieve the Creahlands Completion Diploma.


This MOOC was funded by a 2-year Erasmus+ project, financed in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA227 EU programme for education, training, youth and sport: Landscapes that connect. Smart specialization in the creative management of the rural heritage and landscape (Creahlands). A total of eight partners were involved in its development: Universidade da Coruña (SP) (coord.), Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi (PL), Centro Italia (IT), Fundación Uxío Nononeyra (SP), GRM Novo Mesto (SI), Timesis Ltd – Montepisano DMC (IT), UC Limburg (BE), Universidade Católico Portuguesa (PT).

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